Sheer Genius or Sheer Madness?
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Sheer Genius or Sheer Madness?

From sheer and simple , to sheer and short, to sheer bling and sheer beauty, there is no escaping the sheer trend this Spring. New in this week is a collection of diaphanous oversized, two tone cashmere shawls to fit the Spring Sheer bill.

Sheer Genius or Sheer Madness?

This summer’s trend for ‘sheer’ covers the spectrum from demure to outrageous and everywhere you look fashionistas are bearing all. From sheer and simple , to sheer and short, to sheer bling and sheer beauty, there is no escaping the sheer ‘veil’ dress. The eponymous veil, which used to cover the head, has dropped a few feet and, chameleon-like is reborn as the leg veil.


Sheer Dotty


Sheer Dotty: Kate Winslet In Stella McCartney's LBD with Sheer Sleeve with Polka Dots


Sheer Bling


Sheer Bling: Ellie Goulding in a Metallic Sheer Evening Gown

Sheer Genius


Sheer Genius: Julia Frauche in Porter Magazine's First Edition - Spring 2014


If your preference is as a spectator to this fashion and you feel it’s a veil too far for mere mortals, but you still crave a gossamer light touch this summer, then we have just the thing. Envelop yourself in a diaphanous oversized featherlight sheer shawl. Wispy, weightless and wonderful they are dip-dyed, measure 2.6 metres x 1metre and you can choose from four exquisite colour combinations. 

Pick Sapphire to Indigo to add a dramatic accent to this season’s penchant for white.  


Cashmere Shawl | Two Tone Blue Sheer Cashmere Shawl

Saphire to Indigo Sheer Cashmere Shawl


Flame to Tangerine, a summer favourite this year, will brighten black and white. 


Cashmere Shawl | Two Tone Orange Sheer Cashmere Shawl

Flame Orange to Tangerine Sheer Cashmere Shawl


If you favour a subtle more mysterious look, then Blush to Cream or Violet to Latte will complement soft neutrals.

Cashmere Shawl | Pink to Cream Sheer Cashmere Shawl

Blush to Cream Sheer Cashmere Shawl


Cashmere Shawl | Purple & Cream Sheer Cashmere Shawl

Violet to Latte Sheer Cashmere Shawl


Whether you go the whole hog with a veil dress, opt for a half-way house with a sheer blouse or choose a sheer wrap it should be sheer this summer.

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