The Age Of Mandy (Modern Dandy)
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The Age Of Mandy (Modern Dandy)

The rise of the modern dandy or mandy as he is more commonly known owes much to his accessories. Here we have an accessory guide to separate the men from the mandies. 

The Age Of Mandy (Modern Dandy)

It was only a matter of time until the backlash occurred against the underwhelming wave of casual trainers and unkempt jeans; garish, infantile t shirts and a permanent state of arrested development. The modern age dandy – or Mandy for short – stands apart from the crowd with a conscious effort towards style and elegance. The modern dandy is not about dressing in costume, however; instead comfort and refinement go hand in hand for a result that has sartorial polish, alongside an air of relaxed nonchalance. Accessories are key to perfecting the look; choose ones that can transform a basic palette into a modern masterpiece.
The Cashmere Scarf – For Understated Elegance

The ideal scarf combines length with lightness – far better to choose a long, light cashmere scarf that can be elegantly draped, knotted or wrapped loosely around the neck, than a chunky mess of wool. Choose a neutral shade that can be paired with anything – in slate grey, soft cream or black. A scarf can be draped over a dark blazer for a dapper effect, or tied loosely in a Parisian knot with a pea coat, for easy weekend style.


Men's Grey Cashmere Scarf To Buy Online

Mandy's Choice: Cavendish Houndstooth Cashmere Scarf

Pocket Squares – The Dandy Essential
Whether folded haphazardly or astutely folded into intricate creases, the pocket square is enjoying a fierce resurgence. In an array of prints, patterns, colours and fabrics, they are the perfect finishing touch to create a cohesive and considered look. The key to wearing the pocket square is the fine art of balance – use colour in subtle but effective touches, to complement similar shades in your shirt and tie, and don’t be afraid of flamboyant prints – they add personality and impact to an otherwise austere look.

Men's Blue Patchwork Print Silk Pocket

Mandy's Choice: Carletti Floral Cashmere Pocket Square

Cufflinks – For Serious Attitude
Not a look to be worn casually or taken too lightly, cufflinks are perfect for a formal look that stands out in the best way – with a blend of subtlety, understatement and undeniable authority. Cufflinks can take a plain shirt into a more elegant realm, but to get the look, avoid gimmicky and ostentatious styles. Instead, go with a pair that will complement your overall look – sterling silver balls add a gleaming touch to catch the light and accentuate gestures, while the darker hues of Swarovski crystals add a modern contrast to a dark suit.

Silver Cufflinks, Sterling Silver Cufflinks, Silver Ball Cufflinks

Mandy's Choice: Sterling Silver Ball Cufflinks

The Bracelet
Jewellery on men can sometimes be a minefield – but done well, it can speak volumes. Avoid looking weighed down on your wrists by paying attention to proportion. Pair a single woven leather bracelet in chocolate brown or black with a contrasting, slim fitting white shirt, and dark denim jeans. Don’t be afraid of colour either, but balance the look for a dapper result - a single bracelet in a bright pop of neon, peeking against the edge of a dark suit, can be far more effective stylewise, than a cluster of threads that are more suited to a gap year traveller.

Men's Silver Bracelet, Black and Steel Bracelet, Woven Bracelet

Mandy's Choice: Black Woven Leather & Steel Bracelet


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