Posted by Toby Logue

It is often said that clothes for men are unexciting and unoriginal. Especially when it comes to work wear and wedding outfits, there is a common misunderstanding that us men have drawn the short straw and all of the stylish, alluring and more interesting fashion choices are well and truly geared towards women. 

Although women do have more options, there are plenty of ways for men to make an impact too. In fact, in many ways it is easier for men to cause a stir as so many men opt for more pedestrian choices. We've put together 3 different outfits that will see you through the summer and highlight just how achievable it is to look stylish, sophisticated and stand out. These outfits offer personality while still looking suave and masculine. 


Summer Work Outfit

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Como Italian Silk Tie

Como Houndstooth Silk Tie

Patchwork Print Silk Pocket Square

Patchwork Silk Pocket Square


Navy is the ideal choice for a work suit. It is much less severe than black but still just as smart. Navy looks contemporary and fresh, it also is highly versatile and can be worn with accessories in all colour palettes. A tailored navy suit with a single-breasted jacket and tapered trousers cuts a sharp figure and gives the wearer a sense of command and authority. 

To embrace the spirit of summer and provide the perfect canvas for your accessories, wear your navy blue suit with a crisp white shirt. The Como Italian Silk Tie is the perfect choice for this outfit. The navy and white tones perfectly match the suit and shirt, whereas the classic houndstooth design offers a timeless stylistic flair. 

Wear with the Patchwork Print Silk Pocket Square to add a subtle dash of personality to the ensemble. Featuring 4 distinct patterns in rich shades of blue, this pocket square perfectly echoes the blue tones of the suit. Finish the look with some classic black brogues - the ideal work shoe, combining smart practicality with a refined sense of style and class. 


Summer Weekend Outfit

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Stromboli Paisley Print Linen Pocket Square

Stromboli Linen Pocket Square

Navy and Brown Suede Belt

Navy & Brown Suede Belt

Adelfia - Navy Polka Dot Silk Dress Scarf

Adelfia Polka Dot Silk Scarf


A light checked blazer, pristine white chinos and a soft blue denim shirt are the basis of the perfect casual summer wardrobe. Offering a cool colour palette and a laissez-faire feel, this outfit simply screams weekend. To add a touch of finesse and style to the look, you just need to add a few key accessories. 

A navy suede belt such as our Navy and Brown Suede Belt  is the perfect way to add structure to your outfit. A patterned pocket square is the ideal way to add a little urbanity to the whole look. The Stromboli Paisley Print Linen Pocket Square has a muted colour palette and subtle pattern yet offers a generous slice of charm. 

For extra sophistication and style, add a debonair silk scarf such as the Adelfia Navy Polka Dot Silk Scarf  made from sumptuous Italian silk. Team this look with a comfy pair of soft brown suede loafers for the perfect finish. 


Summer Wedding Outfit

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Pilato Italian Knitted Silk Tie

Pilato Knitted Silk Tie

Beige Suede Belt - Italian Leather

Beige Suede Belt

Capri Linen Pocket Square


We hit an age when it is rare to get through summer without a good wedding or two to attend. Gone are the days when it was standard for men to wear classic black suits. Instead, a summer wedding offers you the chance to dress up and exhibit your own unique sense of style. 

A cream linen suit with a crisp white shirt and a pair of navy blue leather loafers will always offer a timeless, sophisticated look. This outfit is ideal for the formality of church services yet has a relaxed charisma that suits outdoor weddings too. Ideal for the transition from ceremony to reception, this outfit will see you through the entire event. 

Break up the suit with a belt in muted tones such as our Beige Suede Belt in Italian leather. Echo the deep tones of your shoes with a chic navy tie. Our Pilato Italian Knitted Silk Tie is the ideal choice as it is a highly stylish design that has a playful, relaxed edge. The combination of Italian knitted silk and charming polka dots make this a highly coveted and versatile item. 

Add a touch of colour with a well-considered pocket square in beautifully tactile fabric. Our Capri Navy and White Linen Pocket Square is the perfect summer accessory. The linen gives a robust structure to the pocket square that means you can create some really expressive folds with it. 

Using carefully chosen accessories to bring your outfit to life is a wonderful way of expressing your own personality while ensuring that you stand out from the crowd. Menswear doesn't have to be dull and typical. With a little consideration and some top quality accessories, you can transform your basic summer suit into something quite spectacular.