Posted by Toby Logue

Oh là là, sacrebleu er bonnet de douche . . . Unfortunately that is extent of my command of the French language. Fortunately, my poor grasp of French hasn’t hindered our ability to be featured in France’s leading menswear blog, Comme Un Camion.

Our Donati grey cashmere pocket square featuring a navy blue paisley print provides the contrast to this spring inspired outfit of shades of blue.

Donati Navy & Grey Cashmere Pocket Square


A cashmere pocket square is a great accessory to have up ones sleeve (or more aptly, in ones pocket). It provides a different texture and has a softer visual appeal than the more commonly worn silk handkerchief giving the outfit a less corporate feel.

On a practical and styling note, the fabric holds better than silk which allows you to style it in more outlandish and experimental ways without the fear of it losing its shape.




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