AW19 Oversized Cashmere Accessories
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AW19 Oversized Cashmere Accessories

Discover 5 luxury oversized cashmere accessories made for this winter (and every winter). Which is your favourite?

AW19 Oversized Cashmere Accessories

A new season and new reasons to treat yourself to a staple piece that will see you through to the new year and beyond! We are talking about luxe cashmere that not only looks stylish but packs a punch in keeping you warm all winter. And, right now, when it comes to cashmere, there is no trend more coveted than layering, which opens the (wardrobe) door to beautiful pieces which are chunky, funky and oversized for cosiness. Here we highlight the hero cashmere pieces that your closet craves.


It’s Shawl Right – Grey Fringed Cashmere Shawl

Shawls are making a comeback and they are more relevant than ever. Loved for their versatility, this grey fringed cashmere shawl can be layered over a dress, jacket or over a top. Better still, this beauty serves to standout against everything your winter wardrobe can throw at it. So snuggly, you might even want to use it as a cosy blanket (yes, it is big enough).



Grey and Vanilla Fringed Cashmere Shawl

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Beanie There - Olive Green Cashmere Slouch Beanie

Temperatures often tend to dip overnight and the unprepared are left with a summer wardrobe that has to suddenly be fall relevant. The best way to tackle this is with luxurious winter must-haves that can be paired with anything our wardrobe can throw at it to bring it. One such piece is this slouchy beanie - totally chic, it’s a contemporary take on a traditional rib beanie and truly one of a kind.


 Olive Green Cashmere Slouch Beanie Hat

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Layering Love - Hand Woven Chunky Herringbone Cashmere Poncho

This season, layering is being taken to new heights with ponchos over tops and outwear for extra warmth and depth, and we just love this poncho which has been handwoven in cashmere. Wear it over a denim or leather jacket to give your autumn wardrobe extra longevity into winter – after all, colder temps need not mean puffa jackets. 



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Hooray for Grey - Double Size Slate Grey Cashmere and Black Satin Snood

Grey will always have a place in our hearts and really deserves to be this season’s neutral. We love it because it’s so easy combine with anything, take this snood for example  - the perfect blending of slate grey cashmere and black satin, which increases it’s wearability tenfold. You can wear it looped for extra snugness, or loose for a more draped and elegant look.



Double Size Slate Grey Cashmere and Black Satin Snood

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Invest in the Best - Amber and Black Cashmere Ring Shawl

After years in the fast lane, fashion is embracing a new era of creators and craftmanship. This means giving priority to pieces made with painstaking care using techniques that stand the best of time, as well as crafting from only the finest quality fabrics. The epitome of this ‘trend’ (a term which doesn’t seem to give it justice) is this cashmere ring shawl which showcases the finest skills and yarn Kashmir has to to offer.

This Rich Amber & Black Cashmere Ring Shawl is the latest in our collection of signature cashmere shawls. So called because the cashmere yarn is so fine it will pass through a wedding ring, are hand spun and hand woven on traditional hand looms. Meticulously crafted by Kashmiri artisans using skills and centuries old techniques passed down from generation to generation these exquisitely made shawls are prized the world over and increasingly hard to find. Sublimely soft to the touch they are divinely warm yet light. The signature of the artisan who made it is embroidered in one corner.



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Five luxury pieces made for this winter (and every winter). Which is your favourite?

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