Posted by Paula Reeves

Cashmere, one of the finest natural fibres in the world is luxurious to wear, luxurious to touch and luxurious to own. Renowned for its delicate softness and sublime warmth it is the perfect fibre for luxury wear. Looked after with a little care your cashmere should improve with age.


How to Depill Cashmere

Pilling is a natural feature of cashmere. Small balls of fibre may appear on the surface caused by some of the loose fibres matting together. These pills can be removed by hand or by using a cashmere care comb, designed specially for depilling.


How to Wash Cashmere

Cashmere can be hand washed or dry cleaned. Hand washing should be done in tepid water using cashmere shampoo or a mild detergent. Submerge the item and gently massage the suds into the cashmere taking care not to wring or rub it.


How to Rinse Cashmere

Rinse thoroughly, again in lukewarm water, and gently squeeze out excess water, taking care not to wring. Avoid lifting the item before the excess water is removed as this may cause it to stretch.

How to Dry Cashmere

Whilst still damp reshape the item by laying it flat on a towel and dry away from direct sunlight or heat. Don’t hang it as this may distort the shape.


How to Press Cashmere

Use a cool iron and press lightly once it is completely dry.


How to Store Cashmere

Moths love cashmere so we always recommend storing your cashmere in airtight bags. Add a few cedar balls if you have them. These also help to deter moths.