Collection Review: Cashmere Ponchos & Capes
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Collection Review: Cashmere Ponchos & Capes

Cashmere is the ultimate winter fabric, and fashioning cashmere into capes just enhances the timeless beauty of the fabric. Discover our top 3 picks for autumn and winter here.

Collection Review: Cashmere Ponchos & Capes

At we love our cashmere. It is luxurious, beautifully soft and keeps you warm while still being breathable and light-weight. It is the ultimate winter fabric, and fashioning cashmere into capes just enhances the timeless beauty of the fabric.  

Cashmere ponchos and capes are a wonderful way to add style and flair to any outfit, they look feminine and alluring and make an immediate impact.They are also beautifully practical, they keep you warm without giving you a bulky silhouette and keep your arms free. If you are worried about exposing your arms to the cold, then a pair of long gloves simple add even more glamour to this refining look. 

With something to suit everyone and every occasion. Here are three particular favourites that deserve a little bit of special attention:


The Camel and Black Cashmere & Silk Cape

The addition of silk gives this cape a beautiful lustre, making it a really special item. If you only buy one cape this winter, then our Camel and Black Double-sided Cape is a great choice. 


Camel and Black Double-Sided Cape - Cashmere and Silk


The option of wearing it as a sophisticated black cape or a distinguished camel-coloured accessory means that it is wonderfully versatile. The elegant cut and the fluid drape make this an alluring item of clothing. The black side is perfect for evenings out at the opera, dinner dates, theatre visits, gallery openings and refined social events. Wear it with a little black dress, black stilettos and our Black Bow Cocktail Gloves. Add a simple black clutch and a string of pearls such as our Tahitian Black Pearls. 

For elegant informal events, team the camel version with a black silk blouse and a red pencil skirt. Complete the look with a pair of black leather gloves such as our Ladies' Rabbit Lined Black Leather Gloves.

Houndstooth Cashmere Cape with Fur Collar

This is a beautifully versatile cape, that is ideal for both formal and informal settings. Wear to work to add a touch of stylistic flair to the office, or wear it for social events when you want to look great as well as staying warm.


Black and White Houndstooth Cashmere Cape with Black Fur Collar


The cape is perfect for work when teamed with a white silk blouse, grey wool skirt and knee-high black leather boots. Finish the look with our our Mayfair Grey Wool Felt Fedora.

For casual attire, wear it with white jeans, pixie boots and a black cashmere jumper. Monochrome is still massive this season, and is a simple way to look stylish and on trend.

Walnut Brown Cashmere Swagger Cape

Our Walnut Brown Cashmere Swagger Cape is the perfect option for throwing on and going about your daily business. The distinct wide rib knit pattern is stylish and becoming, while the beautiful cut and way the cape drapes is highly elegant and sophisticated. The soft walnut brown tones would work with any colour palette but look especially good with neutrals and black. 


Ladies Oversized Brown Cashmere Cape To Buy Online

Layering is also a key for the months ahead, but can look bulky if not carefully executed. A cape is the ideal way to embrace the layer look without adding bulk. Wear a tunic over slim-fitted trousers or wear a long sweeping silk skirt under a mini dress. 

Our Walnut Brown Cashmere Swagger Cape looks beautiful with our Brown Leather Gloves with Cashmere Lining and Kensington Brown Fur Felt Fedora

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