Posted by Toby Logue

Often overlooked, and sometimes forgotten, father's play second fiddle to mother's when it comes to their respective celebratory days. However, this year we are championing all fathers out there who have been under appreciated and over worked and encourage you to give him a little luxury on Sunday June 18th.

For Father’s Day this year, we have handpicked some of our best selling men's luxury gifts to suit the following 4 different personalities: The Petrol Head, The Fishing Fanatic, The Bon Viveur and The Metro Man.


The Petrol Head

Whether your Dad's a man of classic tastes (Jaguar E-Type) or a modern motorist (Tesla) we have two gifts that will fit like a glove. For the classic man our cognac brown leather driving gloves are a fail safe gift and for the eco-warrior our two tone navy and brown leather driving gloves will ensure he remains stylish while saving the planet.


Navy and Tobacco Italian Leather Driving Gloves

Navy & Tobacco Italian Leather Driving Gloves


Men's Cognac Leather Driving Gloves

Cognac English Leather Driving Gloves


The Fishing Fanatic

Widely regarded as one of the most popular sports in the UK, fishing (or for those in the know, angling) brings with it endless paraphernalia for its participants to collect. However, even the most ardent angler would be hard pushed to turn down one of our fishing flies printed cotton pocket squares if it turned up in their tackle box on Father's Day.


Grey Fishing Flies Printed Cotton Pocket Square

Grey Fishing Flies Printed Cotton Pocket Square


Cream Fishing Flies Printed Cotton Pocket Square

Cream Fishing Flies Printed Cotton Pocket Square


The Bon Viveur

Whether it's fine wine, whisky or moonshine the Bon Viveur will always like to indulge himself to excess, waking up bleary-eyed after a night of gratification. So what better way to blow off the cobwebs and start fresh the morning after than adding some sartorial style to his outfit with our 'Hangover' silk pocket square which features an alka seltzer fizzing away in a solitary glass of water, surrounded by a sea of cocktail glasses.


'The Hangover' Italian Silk Pocket Square


The Metro Man

Last decade's preened and self pampered twenty something metrosexual man is this decade's thirty something modern dad. Out of the bathroom cabinet goes the nasal hair trimmer and seaweed day cream and in come the wet wipes and the sudacrem. But just because he's discarded the trappings of his metrosexual self doesn't mean he's not inclined to a bit of a pampering regression session. With this is mind, treat him with one of our luxury home fragrances.


Black Rose and Frankincense Hand and Body Wash

Black Rose & Frankincense Hand & Body Wash     


Black Rose and Frankincense Scented Candle - Matt Black Glass

Black Rose & Frankincense Scented Candle


Black Rose and Frankincense Hand and Body Lotion

Black Rose & Frankincense Hand and Body Lotion


Whatever your father's preference, treat him on June 18th with something from our collection of father's day gifts.