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What is a Tie Dimple?

A tie dimple is a small fold in the fabric, beneath the knot. Ties with dimples portray the classic, suave Cary Grant style of dress. Without them, a tie can look flat and ordinary. A tie dimple is not dramatic or overbearing, it offers a subtle twist of refinement to a necktie.


What Effect Does a Tie Dimple Have?

You can tell a lot about a man from his tie. Not only in his choice of fabric, colour and pattern but also in the way that he ties it. There are a host of different ways to tie your necktie, and this attention to detail can really make a difference. The beauty of the tie dimple is that it is very simple to execute and can literally take seconds once you've mastered it. This tiny tweak can completely transform the look of a necktie. A well-dressed man understands the importance of the small elements that make up an outfit and the crucial role they play in creating a perfectly polished whole effect.


The dimple adds dimension and a sartorial edge to our navy cashmere tie


When Can I Wear a Tie Dimple?

As well as being easy to create, the tie dimple is beautifully versatile. It isn't flashy or over-the-top but is a subtle touch that adds a debonair finish to any outfit for all occasions. You can wear it to work, to weddings, for casual attire and black tie functions. It simply adds a refined twist to the ordinary necktie and let's face it, anything that adds a new and interesting dimension to the classic tie is always welcome.


How To Create a Tie Dimple

  • You'll need to start with a loosely tied knot. You want something sturdy and not too complicated or pretty. The four-in-hand knot is ideal.
  • Take the thumb and middle finger of your right hand and position them just below the knot of the tie, on the outer edges of the fabric. As you pinch in with these fingers, push into the tie with your index finger. The fabric should dip in the middle (where the index finger is positioned). With all 3 fingers in place, pull down slightly to tighten the knot and lock in the dimple.
  • Slide the tie up to the collar, and straighten.
  • Admire your new tie dimple in the mirror. Before too long you'll be doing it without thinking.


 Fantastic video guide from Sven Raphael Schneider, the Editor-in-Chief of the Gentleman’s Gazette 

Things to Consider

The Knot - The four-in-hand knot is ideal for this. It's a classic, simple knot that offers enough substance to show off the dimple to its full potential.

The Width - The dimple won't work on skinny ties, the ideal tie for the dimple is 7cm or over in width.

The Fabric - Consider your fabric choices carefully. The perfect choices being cashmere and woven silk. They have enough body and structure to hold the dimple, as well as being beautifully luxurious which reflects the qualities of the dimple.


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