Pack Like A Pro: How to Travel in Style
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Pack Like A Pro: How to Travel in Style

Let the holiday start from the minute you leave your front door, with these little luxuries made for travelling.

Pack Like A Pro: How to Travel in Style

Don’t worry, this is not another guide on how to maximise the space in your hand-luggage or a reminder that you always pack more than you actually need. On the contrary, this is a holiday guide with a twist – a reminder that travel need not mean forgoing luxury. So, don’t forget pack those little luxuries which make it feel like a vacation before you have even hit the airport. Here our top tips for traveling in style.


Preparing For Take Off

While your luggage gets stowed in the hold, it’s important to pack some in-flight essentials what will make your journey altogether more pleasurable. And so begins the quest for the perfect traveling companion. When it comes to purchasing the perfect bag, we suggest you look for a bag that offers lots of storage space but also compartments for easy access to those supplies. On top of this, seek out a bag which allows for hands-free carrying so that you can easily carry it at your final destination where you’ll be reacquainted with your luggage. Of course, that’s the practicalities addressed but let’s not forget to also seek out something stylish like this Black Leather Tote or Tan Leather Tote.


Black & Gold Calf Leather Tote


Embellished Tan Calf Leather Tote

Embellished Tan Calf Leather Tote


In Flight Essentials - Cashmere Shawls

You’ve got the perfect bag, now it’s time to fill it with the ultimate travel essentials and nothing will prove more invaluable than a shawl. Try it and see how it serves to keep you cosy when the temps drop or how it can serve as a pillow if needed. Not just this, but a shawl can serve as your secret weapon when you reach your final destination and have to acclimatise to the air conditioning. Not just this, but a shawl can prove invaluable when travelling long-haul by instantly transforming an outfit into chic – no matter how many hours you have been in the air. Find the perfect partner for your in-flight style here from our collections of cashmere travel wraps


Houndstooth Cashmere Shawl


Black & Ivory Striped Cashmere Shawl


In Flight Essentials – Cashmere Socks

Have you ever noticed how the cool temperatures inside a plane can serve to make your feet cold? Forget about the standard issue on-board socks and spoil yourself with a little bit of luxury by packing some Cashmere Socks. A simple little indulgence that packs easily into your bag but serves to make your travelling experience all the more pleasurable (and chic!).


Ladies' White Cashmere Socks

White Cashmere Socks


Ladies Long Grey Cashmere Socks

Long Grey Cashmere Socks


Touch Down

As you find your destination is getting closer, it’s the best time for a quick freshening up! Forget about on-board toiletries and be sure to spoil yourself with your favourite hand wash or lotion. If cabin baggage restricts your liquid size, then be sure to decant into travel containers for the ultimate little indulgence which will serve to pick you up instantly.  Time away from home need not mean saying good-bye to all your favourites!


Black Rose and Frankincense Hand and Body Wash

Black Rose & Frankincense Hand & Body Wash


Lavender and Geranium Hand and Body Lotion

Lavender & Geranium Hand & Body Lotion


Let the holiday start from the minute you leave your front door, with these little luxuries made for travelling. 

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