How To Wear A Khaki Suit - Part 2
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How To Wear A Khaki Suit - Part 2

Part 2 of our men's khaki suit style guide looks at 3 more ways to wear the suit by complimenting with different accessories.

How To Wear A Khaki Suit - Part 2

Last we looked at 4 different ways to wear a khaki suit including for work, summer weddings and date nights. This week we focus on business and pleasure again with the suit getting a business dinner, holiday and off duty outing.


Business Dinners

Accessorising your khaki suit is a great way to add a refined edge that is ideal for professional social events and business deals. Wear your khaki suit with a black shirt and a silk tie with matching pocket square, black shoes and cufflinks for a sharp look that is perfect for more formal occasions. 


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Wear your khaki suit over a striped Breton jumper for a nautical edge. Team it with boat shoes, a panama hat and a khaki belt and plain silk pocket square.


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Days off

The khaki suit can look beautifully dressed down, when worn with a simple white t-shirt. As long as the shirt in question is brilliant white, nicely ironed and is a decently snug fit. Too loose and you'll loose the sophisticated air, and too tight and it'll look like you are trying too hard. It's best to tuck the t-shirt in, and wear it with a brown belt and desert boots. 


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Investing in a beautifully tailored suit will see you through the summer months and beyond and can form the basis for such a variety of looks. Men are often under the misconception that accessorising makes choosing an outfit far more difficult, in reality it a really simple way to get a lot of mileage out of a really sharp suit.


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