How To Wear A Summer Scarf
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How To Wear A Summer Scarf

Think scarves are redundant as of spring? Think again! We have 5 fail safe ways to style your favourite accessory all summer long.

How To Wear A Summer Scarf

Think scarves are redundant as of spring? Think again! Increasing temperatures need not mean packing away your trusty scarves, not when they offer so much versatility when it comes to wearing – especially if you are willing to think outside of the box. Here we break down some unique ways to wear summer scarves that will serve to reinforce your fashionable friend’s premier position as an all year round essential.

The Neck Tie Scarf

With the risk of an eye roll, we just wanted to remind you of the very real purpose of a scarf during summer. Remember, that as temps’ soar, air-conditioning cranks up and suddenly shopping centres, airports and other public buildings seem exceptionally cold. A scarf is the perfect way to ward off the chill, since it’s easy to store in your handbag and pull out when needed.


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For a scarf that is bound to scream summer, check out the Fish & Skate green and yellow Italian silk square scarf


Fish & Skate Printed Italian Silk Square Scarf


The Bandana Scarf

As the temperature heats up, many find themselves wanting to keep their head away from the sun’s rays. Traditionally this means reaching for a hat, but many fashionistas know that scarves are a great way to stand out whilst covering up. What’s more, if you are savvy, and source a scarf made of silk, you avoid the very real risk of ‘hat hair’. Our must-have for summer head-wear is Dina Organic Silk Scarf.


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Dina Organic Silk Scarf

Dina Organic Yellow & Black Silk Scarf

Let’s also not forget that Rockabilly hairstyles are also really on trend for summer, and opt to finish this look with a scarf. The perfect way to embrace this is to don a small square scarf which can be folded and tied around the head. We love the monochrome 'Which Way to Go' silk neckerchief for a chic, but contemporary, style.

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‘Which Way to Go’ Italian Silk Neckerchief

'Which Way to Go' Silk Neckerchief


The Belt Scarf

There is something about summer that makes us want to draw more attention to our silhouette, perhaps it’s the lack of winter layers or the carefree summer vibe – whatever the reason, using a scarf to make a waist statement is a great way to add colour to your outfit.


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Gira Organic Silk Scarf

Gira Organic Silk Scarf

The key to nailing this is to ensure that your scarf is thin enough to loop through belt-loops – or, alternatively, wrap around the waist (Kimono style) for a pop of summer colour. We love the Gira Organic Silk Scarf which has a flash of several colours, making it perfectly combinable with many summer outfits.

Bracelet Scarf

Have you ever put together your outfit and found it lacking a little something? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Many people find their ensemble lacking a little Va Va Voom during summer, when the will is higher to inject a little bit of colour. If you feel that you want to add some summer brights, without going head to toe, why not consider the potential of a scarf as a summer bracelet?


Photo Credit: Vanessa Jackman


'Circus' Italian Silk Neckerchief

Simply, wrap around the wrist and go. The 'Circus' Italian silk neckerchief is the perfect size scarf for this look and creates a quirky summer statement. 


The Bag Scarf

Have you ever stopped to think about the fact that the emergence of new trends often prompt you to buy a new bag? What if you could still jump on a trend without the expense, simply by tying a scarf to your arm-candy. That’s right, a scarf looped, wrapped or knotted around a bag can go a long way to updating its look.


Photo Credit: Vanessa Jackman


Brown Leopard Print Silk and Merino Wool Scarf

Brown Leopard Print Silk and Merino Wool Scarf


For example, jump on the leopard print trend that’s currently infiltrating the catwalks just by investing in this Brown Leopard Print Silk and Merino Wool Scarf – and you’ll get something much more versatile than just a bag!

Five reasons to give scarves their pride of place this summer.

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