Posted by Samantha M

You don’t need us to tell you how leopard print serves as a wardrobe staple for almost every single woman out there. After all, you probably have a go-to supply of key pieces that let you take a walk on the wild side every time you wear them. However, despite leopard’s steadfast popularity – it’s set to get even bigger this season.

Without a doubt, the most dominant theme in all the Autumn/Winter catwalk shows – including Victoria Beckham, Calvin Klein and Givenchy, was animal prints. This includes zebra, cheetah and snake but the most supreme was the leopard – loved for its playfulness and boldness. Leopard print used to be about making a splash, a delicate offering of this print to counter any trashy connotation it had, now it’s about jumping into the whole pool – so, just remember, there is no such thing as ‘too much’. More is more is more is more. . . .

Leopard, but not always as we know it

Leopard print is famed for its soft chocolate and caramel hues, which essentially makes it a compatible colour board for any backdrop. However, today is all about thinking outside the box – taking the famed leopard print and blending it with other colour possibilities. Think navy and monochrome, and you open leopard print up to a whole range of coordination options. We’re talking about dresses, heels, even coats but we are most excited to introduce leopard scarves because they are an easy transitional piece that can instantly catapult any outfit into a new season.

Brown Leopard Print Silk Scarf





Brown Leopard Print Silk and Merino Wool Scarf

Brown Leopard Print Silk Scarf  >>>

There is always one original, who, for some, cannot be substituted and this is it – the ultimate leopard print scarf. Consider this your biggest ally for the forthcoming season because there is no occasion it cannot weather. Whether it’s for work, or social – this scarf will never look out of place and will see you through right until spring (and beyond).

Black Leopard Print Silk Wool Scarf





Black Leopard Print Silk and Merino Wool Scarf

Black Leopard Print Silk Scarf  >>>

Let’s start with this totally accessible offering, which is a great starting point if it’s your first foray into leopard print. Black, white and grey all blended softly on silk gives it a delicate appeal. Never a limelight stealer, this beauty has your back when you want to pay a subtle tribute to a trend. 

Navy Leopard Print Silk Wool Scarf

Still playing with unexpected colourways, this navy interpretation of the classic leopard trend has a big focus on elegance. Deliberately oversized, this scarf can act as a shawl or even a sarong (should some winter sun be calling). More importantly, the navy colourful lends itself to some epic print clashing – should you be brave enough. That’s right, why not par with an original leopard print dress or coat, to really show your appreciation for the statement of the season (it works for Bella Hadid). 


PRE-ORDER - Navy Leopard Print Silk and Merino Wool Scarf

Navy Leopard Print Silk Scarf  >>>

With so many accessible ways to embrace leopard, there really is no excuse for not unleashing your animal instincts.