Posted by Toby Logue

This year celebrating Valentine's Day should have added importance compared to previous years thanks to the current lockdown due to COVID-19. By the time February 14th comes around we will be 6 weeks in to the latest national lockdown with many of us not just suffering from lockdown fatigue but full blown lockdown exhaustion.
For those fortunate enough to be locked down with their partners, Valentine's Day offers the opportunity of something to look forward to and provide much needed respite from lockdown exhaustion. If you're in need of some inspiration for your stay-at-home Valentine's date night, we have put together some ideas for food, drink and most importantly, gifts. 


Pre Dinner Aperitifs 

With cocktail bars and cosy pubs currently under prohibition, this Valentine's day you'll have to bring the bar to you. The downside is you'll have to make the drinks yourself, however the upside is you get to make the drinks yourself. This means goodbye to parsimonious drinks portions from penny pinching publicans. 
Here are 3 essentials to help you and your partner get in the party spirt.

Crystal Cocktail Shaker

Spirited Cocktail Book


Bruno Paillard Champagne


Table For Two

One of the few comforts we've been able to indulge in during lockdown has been take away treats from our local restaurants. However, for Valentine's Day something different is called for and creating a delicious meal as a couple will make the meal much more memorable.
Rather than making a meal from scratch, why not explore some luxury recipe boxes created by some of the countries best chefs delivered direct to your door. Here are 3 of our favourite choices for you to try.


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Give The Gift of Love

Valentine's Day is a lovely excuse to show the person you love, just how much you love them. But rather than opting for the typical gifts that we have all grown to expect, why not think outside the box and buy them something that expresses a little more about how you feel about them? Choose something unique, stylish and decadent. Choose something that says I want you and only you. Discover our gifts guides for women and men and choose something that they won't be expecting.


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