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Our best selling collection of Italian silk and wool accessories is produced by a small family business based just outside Florence.
We have successfully collaborated with this passionate family of designers and craftsmen for over 10 years due in large part to our shared values for quality fabrics, timeless designs and Italian food and wine.
They source the merino wool and silk fabrics from the weaving mills and print shops of Como in Italy. Como has produced silk and wool since the middle ages when an abundance of water and the required food of the silkworm (Mulberry Leaves) ensured that the industry boomed. This area has been renowned for silk printing and jacquard weaving for centuries, producing truly exceptional fabric that go into some of the world’s top design houses.
Each season Massimo, the head of the Florentine family business, visits these mills and handpicks the fabrics and prints for production in his Tuscan workshop which is nestled between the banks for the river Arno and the rolling hills of Chianti Ruffino.
Hand cutting the fabric is an essential part of the process and ensures our designs stand apart from mass produced, machine created accessories. This stage is carried out and overseen personally by Massimo to ensure quality control.
For our ties, the fabrics and linings are laid out and cut using only a rotary cutter by Massimo and his team. The fabric and lining are then hand stitched to create the finished tie.
Scarves and pocket squares are produced using a ruler and sharp scissors to create the desired design then finished with hand stitching and, on some designs, handmade fringing. Massimo ensures every aspect of each accessory is created with the utmost care and attention to detail.
Massimo’s care and attention to detail means when you buy one of our accessories, you can be sure it has been produced with the utmost attention and love.





Men's Polka Dot Silk Scarf & Cashmere Tie Set

Polka Dot Silk Scarf & Cashmere Tie Set
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Soranus Italian Silk and Wool Pocket Square

Paisley & Houndstooth Silk & Wool Pocket Square
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Concordia Italian Reversible Silk Scarf

Concordia Reversible Silk Scarf
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Black Italian Knitted Silk Tie

Black Italian Silk Knitted Tie
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