Our 5 Favourite Menswear Summer Themes
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Our 5 Favourite Menswear Summer Themes

As summer starts to draw to a close, we take a look at some of our favourite menswear trends we seen this summer which can be worn through the early autumn.

Our 5 Favourite Menswear Summer Themes

As summer starts to draw to a close, we take a look at some of our favourite menswear trends we seen this summer which can be worn through the early autumn.



The Latino made a comeback this summer, especially after London Fashion Week where designers such as Katie Eary and Oliver Spencer went for the sexy South American vibe in their collections. Alexia Hentsch is Brazilian-born, and so she really captured the Latino spirit by sending her models down the catwalk smoking cheroots and knocking back rum-infused beer. 

Easy to pull of with a Cuban shirt and panama hat. Depending on how far you want to take the look, you may want to look out for moccasins, fringed jackets and Mexican-style prints. 

Our Panama Hats come in sand, navy and classic, as well as the navy design for a more suave look. Panama hats are great for keeping you head and face protected from the sun, as well as looking immensely cool. It's time to unleash your inner Indiana Jones!

Panama Hat, Classic White Panama Hat, Hand Woven Straw Hat

Classic Panama Hat

Navy Blue Panama Hat with Navy Ribbon to Buy Online

Navy Panama Hat

Polka Dots

There is something playful and flirtatious about polka dots that portray that you don't take yourself too seriously but have a classic sense of style. Polka dots can add a touch of personality to work wear and the typical drab wedding suit; they are also charming on dates, evenings out and casual lunches. 

To liven up a simple suit, try a polka dot pocket square such as our Vasari Cashmere Pocket Square which comes is a shade of denim blue that is bang on trend this season. 


Cashmere Pocket Square, Navy Pocket Square with Grey Dots

Vasari Cashmere Pocket Square


You could also try the Navy Blue and Red Polka Dot Italian Silk Pocket Square for a sophisticated injection of colour. A great evening accessory is our Barletta -Spotted Silk Dress Scarf which is a more refined portrayal of this trend. 


Men's Black Silk Scarf with White Polka Dots To Buy Onlin

Barletta Polka Dot Silk Scarf


Our Adelfia – Navy and White Polka Dot Silk Tie is a classy reflection of this style. By choosing polka dot neckties, pocket squares or scarves you are embracing a trend without going over board on it. 


Men's Navy Blue Polka Dot Silk Tie to Buy Online

Adelfia Navy & White Polka Dot Silk Tie



Floral motifs are have been hugely popular this summer and although associated with femininity, they are actually an incredibly attractive look on men. You may not wish to go for a floral shirt, and the idea of a floral print suit may leave you cold but carefully chosen accessories can really bring an outfit to life. 

Our Genola Italian silk tie is a striking piece that looks stunning teamed with a sharp navy blue suit and a crisp white or pale blue shirt. Add a subtle floral pocket square in complimentary tones such as our is a Sassari silk pocket square.


Men's Orange and Red Paisley Print Silk Tie to Buy Online

Genola Floral Silk Tie


Men's Red and Blue Paisley Print Pocket Square

Fardella Floral Silk Pocket Square

For a bolder floral look you it has to be our Fardella silk handkerchief in red and blue. Details such as pocket squares really express attention to detail and give an air of confidence and intrigue which business clients, dates and companions will notice. 


Light-weight scarves

Light-weight scarves can be worn with a suit, or an open neck white shirt and chinos, they can even add a touch of style to a simple jeans and t-shirt combination. Silk is perfect if you are looking for something a little more luxurious, for a wedding or formal function perhaps and you can even match them with your pocket square for a really co-ordinated look. 

Wearing both a scarf and a tie can look a little bit rigid, so simply drape a light-weight scarf around your neck and leave it open or cross it over once. Paisley, polka dot and check are the main motifs to opt for, if you are looking for something patterned to pep up your outfit. 

Otherwise pick a single colour that works tonally with the rest of your look. From our collection, the Brianza Italian Silk Scarf with its classic paisley design is a good choice for this look, as is the Trapani Italian Silk Scarf. 


Men's Blue & Orange Patterned Silk Scarf to Buy Online

Brianza Printed Silk Scarf


Men's Red and Navy Printed Silk Scarf to Buy Online

Trapani Red & Navy Silk Scarf


For a luxurious single colour option the double faced silk satin scarf with hand knotted tassels in autumn hues of copper and gold would look dashing when worn over an open-neck shirt or under a suit jacket. 


Gold and Black Paisley Silk Satin Dress Scarf for Men

Regale Silk Scarf Evening Scarf


Woven Belts

Men have much less choice than women when it comes to clothes, which is why it is important to pay attention to your accessories. Belts are of course highly functional, but they are also a great opportunity to add a touch of style to a simple outfit. 

Woven leather belts add an understated sartorial look and are delightfully versatile too. Wear a navy woven belt with your suit trousers and an open blazer, for more formal attire or wear a tan coloured woven belt with chinos and boat shoes, to reflect a nautical vibe that is bang on trend right now. 

Our navy leather trimmed woven belt is ideal for formal wear, while our blue, grey and brown woven wool and leather belt is perfect for more casual occasions. 

Men's Leather Belt | Navy Blue Woven Belt with Leather Trim

Navy Leather Trimmed Woven Belt

Men's Blue, Brown and Grey Woven Wool & Leather Belt

Navy, Grey and Brown Woven Wool and Leather Belt


Khaki has been one of the hottest colours of the summer and works well with shades of tan, caramel and chocolate. If you feel like opting for a belt in a khaki shade, our Khaki Leather Trimmed Woven Belt is the perfect summer choice.

Men's Leather Belt | Khaki Woven Belt with Leather Trim

Khaki Leather Timmed Woven Belt

 Accessories are a great way to keep your look fresh and current. A classic or vintage suit can be given a new leash of life when teamed with the right accessories. So rather than updating your whole wardrobe with each new season, why not pay attention to the details and use accessories to shape your own individual style.

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