Our 5 Favourite Spring/Summer Trends
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Our 5 Favourite Spring/Summer Trends

Here are five of our favourite SS15 trends and ways in which we can embrace them with accessories this summer.

Our 5 Favourite Spring/Summer Trends

Being chic and stylish isn't about buying something because it is on trend. It is more about wearing clothes that reflect your personality, your lifestyle and your individuality. Catwalk designs are meant to be larger-than-life caricatures, stunning pieces of art that express so much in the most vibrant ways. We can cherry-pick our favourite elements, combine them and reinterpret them in a reflection of fashion that is beautifully on trend yet far more wearable and unique. 

Here are five of the hottest SS15 trends and ways in which we can embrace them this summer:


Delicate White Lace

White lace is beautifully feminine but is also not the most practical fabric for a dress or entire outfit. You can embrace the ethereal, romantic spirit that was on show at Valentino, Chloé and Louis Vuitton without opting for a head-to-toe interpretation of the trend. A far more subtle approach would be to select a scarf that features white lace, or even white (or off-white) lace gloves. 



Our short lace gloves reach to just beyond the wrists and are a lovely way to add finesse to an outfit. They look charming with floral dresses and are ideal for days out and weddings.


Ladies Cream Cotton and Lace Gloves To Buy Online

Short Cotton & Lace Gloves


Our Cream Cashmere and Chantilly Lace Shawl is another way to embrace this delicate trend without looking too bridal. Of course, when it comes to your wedding day, then our ivory lace gloves are the perfect addition to your gown too. 


Cream Cashmere Shawl with Chantilly Lace Pattern

Cream Cashmere & Chantilly Lace Shawl



Lanvin, Chloé and Marc Jacobs all chose to opt for marine-inspired designs in a trend that is refusing to fade. Nautical accessories are ideal for summer, as they really evoke the spirit of the sea and the magic of the beach. It is hard to carry off the nautical look without looking like you are heading to a fancy dress party, which is where carefully considered accessories come in. 



Our Striped Beach Bags in black & white, salsa red & white and navy & white are lovely beach accessories, as well as perfect for casual attire. They are strong and spacious, as well as looking beautifully chic and current. We also have three wide-brimmed sun hats in the same design and colour-schemes to really co-ordinate your look. 


Luxury Beach Bag, Navy and White Stripe Beach Bag

Navy & White Striped Beach Bag


Ladies Blue and White Striped Wide Brimmed Sun Hat

Navy & White Wide Brimmed Sun Hat


The hat of the summer has to have a wide brim. If you fancy something a little more compact, then our Rope Trimmed Sun Hats have a strong nautical edge, as well as being highly wearable. In fact, we stock a number of bags, sun hats and beach towels in nautical designs which are ideal for holiday wear.


Sheer Black

Bottega Venneta, Dolce & Gabbana and Michael Kors all opted for sultry and diaphanous sheers. This may be a bold choice in a dress, but you can easily recreate the same feeling and floaty brilliance with a well-chosen accessory.  



Our black lace gloves come in long and short, and we even have fingerless versions. Another way to give the effect of black sheer fabric is to use a scarf, especially if it is draped seductively over one shoulder or worn exposing the collarbones. 


Lace Gloves, Short Black Lace Gloves - Black.co.uk

Short Black Lace Gloves


Our Black Cashmere and Chantilly Lace Shawl really evokes this sultry yet sophisticated look. If you do decide to opt for black chiffon in your wardrobe, it pays to accessorise it well. Sheer panels can look classy and alluring if worn correctly.


Black Cashmere Shawl, Chantilly Lace Shawl - Black.co.uk

Black Cashmere & Chantilly Lace Shawl


Look for chiffon hems, sleeves, back panels or neck lines and wear them with classic pearls or a statement collar. A black chiffon blouse can look stunning worn over a silk camisole. Add a glimmer of pearls, such as our Large Round Tahitian Black Pearl Choker to the look for a very refined finish. 


Anthony Vaccarello opted for assymetric cuts, Sonia Rykiel went for edgy streetwear and Maison Martin Margiela favoured tennis-striped fabric. The masculine vibe was strong, and is a key look this summer. You may not wish to go for a fully androgynous look, but careful accessories can add a sharp, clean and current look to any outfit. 



Our Hand Embroidered Pinstripe Cashmere Shawl is a great way to add pinstripe to your look while remaining beautifully feminine. Another masculine vibe that somehow seems to enhance femininity is the panama hat. Our Panama Hat comes in navy, sand and classic; so it is easy to match to any outfit. 


Ladies' Black Cashmere Shawl with Hand Embroidered Pin Stripes

Hand Embroidered Pin Stripe Cashmere Shawl


The Desiderata Black Fur Felt Hat is a statement item that exhibits the same strong masculine vibe. Wear with loose wild waves, or sultry tendrils escaping from an updo for the most impact.


Black Fur Felt Hat, Ladies Fur Felt Hat - Black.co.uk

Desiderate Black Fur Felt Hat

These hats look fabulous when teamed with high-waisted shorts, vest tops and oversized jackets for a very on trend look. Driving gloves are another way to add a masculine slant to any outfit. We have a selection of driving gloves in leather and suede (two of the key fabrics from the SS15 collections). 



Monochrome is a trend that refuses to fade and for good reason. It is so beautifully striking and wearable. Designers such as Riccardo Tisci at Givenchy, Anthony Vaccarello and Olivier Rousteing at Balmain all embraced the refined palette. 



If you are going monochrome then you need your entire outfit to be in black and white, from your dress to each accessory. You could choose a black or white dress and add contrast with accessories, for a highly sophisticated and timeless look. 

We have a variety of accessories in monochrome shades. Our Houndstooth Cashmere Cape with Fur Collar is a lovely eveningwear accessory, and would look even more elegant if teamed with short gloves in black lace or leather. 


Black and White Houndstooth Cashmere Cape with Black Fur Collar

Black & White Houndstooth Cashmere Cape


Our Medici Black and White Silk Scarf is a beautifully luxurious way to complement your monochrome outfit.

There is so much choice this summer. There is a trend for everyone, and by tweaking it a little and making it your own you can really embrace your own personal style and individuality. So whether you favourite the romance of white lace, the cheekiness of nautical fashions, the allure of black chiffon, the sharpness of a masculine vibe or even the classic elegance of monochrome; you'll easily find something to enhance your look in our luxurious range of products. 

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