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Perfect Pastels

A beautiful pastel scarf is a perfect way to enjoy the pastel trend set to infiltrate the spring season. Discover our capsule collection today.

Perfect Pastels

Spring is in the air and it's time to take note of the biggest trends that serve to put a spring in your step. First up are the ethereal light hues of pastels which present themselves in both soft shades and muted hues which are both soft and cool. Universally adored, pastels represent the full promise of a new season - innocent, gentle and in harmony with nature.

Pastels are a trend that continually comes around, so making an investment in key pieces now will serve you for a lifetime. However, before you restrict yourself to head-to-toe pastels (which can serve to wash many complexions out), remember to seek out scarves which are an excellent way to give a nod to the best that pastels have to offer.


 Ice Cream Parlour Hues

The soft hues of pink, purple and blue evoke nostalgia as they capture the tones found in our childhood ice cream parlors and candy stores. Not only are the hues light and airy but the fabric found in our Pastel Cashmere Silk Wraps are thoughtfully and deliberately lightweight and designed to drape, wrap and cocoon as you pay homage to the best that the pastel trend has to offer. Better still, the wrap design ensures you can wear also as a shawl and shake off the chill that is still in the air as we transition to a new season.


Pastel Blue Cashmere & Silk Scarf

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Pastel Lilac Cashmere and Silk Wrap

Pastel Purple Cashmere & Silk Wrap - Shop Now >>>


Pastel Pink Cashmere and Silk Wrap

Pastel Pink Cashmere & Silk Wrap - Shop Now >>>


How To Wear A Scarf In Spring

Forget about necklaces, scarves are a brilliant way to bring an outfit instantly up-to-date. Adding a pastel scarf against neutrals, monochrome or even bights is a perfect way to bring your wardrobe up to date and ready for a new season. But if you think scarves are just for winter, it's time to think again - increasing temperatures don't mean packing away your scarves. On the contrary, spring is the ultimate season for scarves since they offer so much versatility.

First up, the traditional round-the-neck approach serves to keep the chill at bay while we move fully into summer. Not only this but as that as temps' soar, air-conditioning cranks up and suddenly shopping centres, airports, and other public buildings seem really cold.  A scarf is a perfect way to ward off the chill since it's easy to store in your handbag and simply pull out as needed.

In fact, a scarf can offer the perfect comfort when commuting on a spring morning and temperatures are not quite optimal. Never demanding on space (the way a chunky layer or jacket can be) they are just waiting for an occasion to shine.

Not just this but the scarf is the ultimate spring and summer wedding accessory, not just keeping guests warm in the mandatory outdoor photos but also adding a splash of colour and quirk. Better still, a beautiful scarf offers the perfect way for you to recycle that wedding day outfit for another occasion whilst making it look totally fresh and new.

A beautiful pastel scarf is a perfect way to enjoy the pastel trend set to infiltrate the spring season. However, unlike many high-fashion items - you will be set to love it all year around (and beyond). 


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