Posted by Goldie Jain

As the weather turns warmer, it is natural for us to start thinking about time on the beach. Whether you'll be jetting off to the Maldives for a few well-earned weeks in the sun or are simply planning on snatching a day on the sand a little closer to home. 

Our Black On The Beach pinterest board is jammed packed with inspiration to ensure that you look chic on the beach. As well as exhibiting our beautiful beach bags, nautical-themed accessories and panama hats there is plenty more to whet your appetite. From stunning black and white images of Grace Kelly to the splendour of La Côte d'Azur. 

Vintage travel posters co-exist next to vibrant luxury beach towels. You'll also find plenty of inspiration for your next beach holiday. This is a board that celebrates the summer, embraces beachwear and is bursting with chic summer style ideas. 

Here are some of our favourite images that epitomise the beauty of summer:


Visitez La Côte d'Azur

This stunning vintage picture postcard celebrates everything that we adore about a summer spent on the beach. Glorious sunshine, sparkling blue waters, lush palms and a veritable party on the beach. The jaunty striped umbrellas reflect the coquettish charm of our beach bags and beach towels. 

Salsa Red & White Striped Sun Hat

Azure Blue & White Striped Cotton Beach Towel


Our Salsa Red and White Striped Wide Brimmed Sun Hat, Navy and White Striped Bag and Azure Sky Aquamarine and White Striped Egyptian Cotton Beach Towel would all fit in perfectly with this image. This playful and spirited expression of life on the beach manages to look stylish while holding on to the fun and freedom that we associate with beach holidays. 


Key West Florida



This striking image features an elegant white heron and some charming hibiscus flowers in a very evocative image of one of Florida's most laid-back an enticing island cities. Famed for its pastel conch-style houses, coral reefs and crystal-clear waters this postcard celebrates the spirit of Key West. 


Blue Lagoon Striped Cotton Beach Mat

Ocean Breeze Striped Cotton Beach Towel

The same soft shades are echoed in our Blue Lagoon Padded Cotton Beach Mat and Ocean Breeze Striped Egyptian Cotton Beach Towel. 





This glorious image not only offers a glimpse of the appeal of Capri, one of the most beautiful of the Islands of Naple's Bay. It also gives us an inspiring palette for our summer beachwear. This vivid painting shows the infamous Blue Grotto, a natural cave where the sea takes on a striking electric blue colour. Famed for its limoncello and hedonism.


Cobalt Blue Cotton Poncho


Coral Modal & Linen Scarf


Capri Gold & Ivory Satchel Bag


This image captures it all. Evoke the spirit of Napoli's favourite island, Capri with our Cobalt Blue Soft Cotton Poncho, Coral Modal, Linen and Silk Scarf and Capri Gold and Ivory Satchel Bag.





This delightful postcard of 'The Land of Surf and Sunshine' offers a sunlit glimpse of golden sands, bronzed bodies and a laid-back attitude. With shell pink architecture, palm-fringed beaches and azure waters Hawaii is an ideal holiday location.


Black & Sand Beach Bag


White Linen Poncho


To add a touch of inspiration from the tropical archipelago to your wardrobe, think gold, white and coral. Our Coral Reef Striped Padded Cotton Beach Mat, White Linen Poncho and Black and Sand Beach Bag are the perfect choice. 


Broadstairs Beach



For a more traditional beach holiday, you can still exhibit impeccable style when holidaying in Britain. This postcard of Broadstairs Beach in Kent is the perfect vision of the wholesome family holiday.

Offering a timeless sense of style, a playful charm and an undeniably chic air, the traditional stripes and nautical styling are deeply rooted in British beach culture. Unleash your inner vintage beauty with our Navy aand White Striped Cotton Beach Towel, Navy & White Stiped Beach Bag and Striped Marbella Flip Flops.

Navy & White Striped Beach Bag

Navy & White Striped Cotton Towel

Marbella Striped Flip Flops


If beach holidays aren't your thing, you can still evoke the spirit of the beach with some summer accessories and a strong spirit of adventure. So why not add some stripes to your summer attire? Lighten up your summer wardrobe and embody the playful spirit of a day at the beach.