Posted by Paula Reeves

Reading the newspaper the other morning, avidly absorbing the latest Coronavirus news from around the world, I was interested in an article about the different approaches countries are taking to ease their lockdowns.  Lufthansa, the German carrier and Europe’s biggest airline said that from May 4th all passengers would have to wear a mask or a scarf covering their mouths and noses on planes and in airports. Later in the day Boris Johnson, at the daily press conference, suggested that face coverings will be useful.
The scarf, I thought is an interesting idea as most of us have at least one scarf to hand. Whilst in no way surgical, scarves may provide some protection and help us feel a little more confident when venturing out. That idea led me to consider that, in the same vein, the snood is also an idea.
Snoods have the benefit of staying in place once they are on so my partner tried out our classic cashmere snood when he went on an essential trip to the local surgery. His comment on his return was ‘It was easy and comfortable to wear. I pulled it up over my mouth and nose when in proximity to anyone and pulled it down again afterwards’.