Posted by Toby Logue

If you had only one suit in your wardrobe it is likely that it would be a black one. The classic black suit offers a timeless sophistication. It is beautifully versatile and fits in perfectly at any formal occasion, professional engagement and social event. From job interviews to funerals, weddings to dinner dates.

A perfectly tailored black suit is the male equivalent of the ubiquitous female little black dress. Every wardrobe needs at least one, and it is the perfect option for times when you want to look sharp and well-dressed.

The idea of the black suit is often to blend in. There are times when looking your most flamboyant isn't appropriate. You need something a little more refined and subtle. That doesn't mean that you need to go without a touch of personality and a little stylistic flair. By paying careful attention to your accessories, you can create a look that is perfectly put-together but stays firmly within the black suit camp.

 Here are three stylish ways to wear the classic black suit:


Black on Black

 A crisp white shirt, a beautifully fitted black suit and the perfect black accessories create an image that is striking and commanding. To create this look you need to ensure that your tie is made from a sumptuous luxurious fabric such as cashmere or silk. Don't stop there, add a cashmere scarf and break up the monotony of the jet black suit with a patterned pocket square in monochrome.

Tie: Black Cashmere Tie   Square: Nera Paisley Silk Pocket Square   Scarf: Burlington Black Cashmere Scarf


The Nera Paisely Silk Pocket Square is ideal for this as the shimmering silk adds a new texture which draws the eye. The paisley design offers a timeless grace and the monochromatic colour scheme works beautifully with the jet black and crisp white tones of the rest of the ensemble.

Our Black Knitted Cashmere Tie is ideal for this look. It is soft to touch and hangs beautifully due to the double-sided quality. This tie is ideal for both formal and casual functions and looks just as striking when worn with a coloured, patterned or plain black shirt as it does a white one.

 A cashmere scarf won't just look elegant and add a refined air to your outfit. It will also help you to keep warm now that autumn is slinking closer. Our Burlington Black Cashmere Scarf  looks just as good when teamed with a cashmere sweater as it does a suit, which might explain why its one of our bestsellers.


Blue on Black

If you fancy adding a splash of colour to your simple black suit, then blue is the perfect choice. Blue and black work beautifully together and suit everyone. Blue tones will soften a black suit and ensure that it doesn't look too severe.


Tie: Blue Check Silk & Wool Tie   Square: Silk Patchwork Pocket Square   Scarf: Adelphia Polka Dot Silk Scarf


Our Two Tone Blue Check Silk and Wool Tie is fashioned in mixture of rich navy blue Italian silk and wool adding a opulent feel to this accessory. The simple yet charming design is eye-catching without being dominating, making this the perfect addition to a classic black suit.

To tie in with the blue theme, you need a pocket square that fits in and feels deliciously silky. Our Patchwork Print Silk Pocket Square is the ideal choice. Add a cream shirt to accentuate the design details in this charming accessory.

To finish off the look, you need to find a scarf that echoes the colour palette. Our Adelfia Navy Polka Dot Silk Dress Scarf is the perfect choice to finish off this stylish ensemble.


Grey on Black

The monochrome colour palette looks aching stylish and manages to look classic while still remaining current. Wearing grey accessories with your black suit is a wonderful way to ensure that you look sharp but still maintain your own unique sense of style.


Tie: Grey Polka Dot Cashmere Tie   Square: Grey Paisley Silk Pocket Square   Scarf: Grey Tartan Cashmere Scarf


To carry off this look choose a shirt in white or light cream. Choose a tie that has a good solid structure but also feels sumptuous. Our Grey Polka Dot Knitted Cashmere Tie is the perfect option. The design detail is subtle and the cashmere not only feels wonderful to touch but it also is extremely comfortable to wear.

 A silk pocket square will ensure that your overall look is polished and perfectly put-together. Opt for something with a subtle design or pattern to add interest to your look. Our Black and Grey Paisley Silk Pocket Square would be a stylish choice. The jet black border fits perfectly with the inky tones of the suit and the classic design adds a sophisticated edge.

 Finish your look with a beautifully soft and cosy cashmere scarf that will feel divine and look luxurious. Our Grey Tartan Cashmere Scarf features muted tones that are as soft and beguiling as the fabric itself.

 A black suit can look unimaginative if you don't consider what you wear with it. However, with a few carefully chosen accessories and a little dash of luxury you can give your everyday black suit a whole new lease of life.