Posted by Paula Reeves

We love the way that a weaving technique, in the hands of a skilled craftsman, adds depth and texture to fabric, giving it that special edge that transforms it from a simple two-dimensional piece into something luxurious. It enhances the look and feel of a garment and is all the more enjoyable to wear.
Coupled with high quality yarns, be it cashmere, wool or silk, expert weaving techniques which have been handed down through centuries, make a real difference.

We are proud to showcase a range of these techniques used in scarves from our current collections. Some feature just a single weaving style while others cleverly combine contrasting methods to create interest and variety, sensitively blending colour and tone to complement the weave. The fabric close-ups show the individual weaving techniques clearly.


Diamond & Basket Weaves

Cavendish Grey on Grey Wool and Silk Scarf

Cavendish Grey on Grey Silk & Wool Scarf >>>


Herringbone Weave

Berkeley Taupe Russet and Grey Wool and Silk Scarf

Berkeley Silk & Wool Scarf >>>


Houndstooth, Zig Zag & Diagonal Weaves

Charcoal & Ivory Houndstooth Cashmere Shawl >>>


Herringbone & Diamond Weaves

Talbot Reversible Check Wool and Silk Scarf