Colour Your Life: Understand Your Colours - The Autumn Palette
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Colour Your Life: Understand Your Colours - The Autumn Palette

Choose the perfect colour accessories by discovering your seasonal colour palette. Find your Colour Season and understand what to wear if you are an Autumn Palette in Part 1 of our 4 part series

Colour Your Life: Understand Your Colours - The Autumn Palette

Choosing what to wear doesn't always come naturally. Especially when it comes to picking the right colours. Choosing the wrong colour can keep us from looking healthy, vibrant, and younger. Shades we love may not love us back, leaving us looking drawn and tired. What looks fabulous on a friend can fall flat and wash out on us.
That's where the practice of colour seasons comes in. Understanding how colours in our hair, skin and eyes work together and which shades will suit us best can transform the overall effect of our outfits. Choosing colours in your colour season can help enhance natural features, unleash your radiance and create a harmonious look that's uniquely you.


What are Colour Seasons?


Colour Seasons is a theory we use to uncover the most flattering colours based on skin tone, eye colour, and hair colour. Depending on the combination of these features, people fall into four seasonal categories - Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn - each with a complementary palette of colours that best suits their natural colouring.




 What Colour Season am I?


To decide which colour season you are in, you first need to determine the temperature of your skin tone. Our skin tone can be warmer or cooler regardless of ethnicity and skin colour. Some methods for finding this out are asking yourself if you suit gold(warm) or silver(cool) jewellery better. Another indicator is examining the veins on the inside of your wrists; do these skew more green (warm) or blue(cool)? Cool skin tones are either winter or summer. Warm skin tones are either spring or autumn. 



Am I a Summer or Winter Colour Season? 



The main difference between Summer and Winter colour seasons is the contrast in your colouring. Winters will exhibit high contrast, such as pale skin with dark hair. Summers often have softer features and colouring with less distinction between hair, skin and eye colouring. 




  • Skin tone: cool, pink, or blue undertones
  • Hair colour: ash brown, platinum blonde, silver, or light to medium, cool brown
  • Eye colour: light blue, grey-blue, green-blue, or soft brown




  • Skin tone: cool, blue, or pink undertones
  • Hair colour: black or dark brown
  • Eye colour: dark brown, black, or bright blue



Am I a Spring or Autumn Colour Season?


A good indicator here is lightness and brightness. Springs lean towards clear, bright colours, with higher contrast than autumn, which is deeper and darker, with features that are less contrasting.




  • Skin tone: warm, peach, or golden undertones
  • Hair colour: golden blonde, light, or medium warm brown, strawberry blonde, or auburn
  • Eye colour: light blue, green, hazel, or light brown with golden flecks




  • Skin tone: warm, golden, or olive undertones
  • Hair colour: golden brown, coppery red, or dark warm brown
  • Eye colour: brown, hazel, or green with golden flecks


Now you know which colour season you are in, you have the tools you need to choose the clothes, makeup and accessories that will enhance your natural features and colouring to help you look your most radiant.
Over the next few weeks, we will focus on one of the colour seasons to help you understand what colours and neutrals suit you best. Up first is the alluring autumn.


Which Colours Suit an Autumn Colour Season?


An Autumn colour is full of warm earthy tones. Colours include olive green, mustard yellow, burnt orange, deep reds, and browns. Neutrals like beige, ivory, and cream complement this colour season.




Scarves for Autumn Colour Season


If you have items in your wardrobe that aren't strictly in your colour season, like outerwear that would be expensive to replace, try adding a scarf. It will frame your face and tame any colours in your outfit that work against your colour season.  


To take out the guesswork, here are some of our luxury cashmere scarves that will complement if you are in the autumn colour season.


Up first, our Terracotta Spice Cashmere and Silk Wrap. The earthy hue of this shade will pair perfectly with warm skin tones and bring some brightness to the face—team with a warm cream-coloured knit or blouse.


PRE ORDER: Terracotta Spice Cashmere and Silk Wrap


PRE ORDER: Terracotta Spice Cashmere and Silk Wrap


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Opt for rich chocolate browns over classic black for a dark neutral accessory that compliments your warmth rather than washing you out. Our Dark Chocolate Gossamer Cashmere Shawl will fit the bill.


Dark Chocolate Gossamer Cashmere Shawl


Dark Chocolate Gossamer Cashmere Shawl


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Try our Moss Greens Shaded Cashmere and Silk Wrap for a chameleon colour. Interesting enough to be the focal point of an outfit but muted enough to work as a neutral—a real all-rounder. 


Moss Greens Shaded Cashmere and Silk Wrap


Moss Greens Shaded Cashmere and Silk Wrap


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Discovering your seasonal colour palette is a game-changer for choosing the perfect colours to enhance your natural features and unlock your glow. Understanding which colours suit you best allows you to transform your wardrobe and feel confident in your fashion choices. Stay tuned for our upcoming posts where we help you understand the other colour seasons, spring, summer, and winter.



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