How To Wear Camel
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How To Wear Camel

Camel works beautifully with warm and cool colour palettes as well as all skin tones and hair colours. Here are three wonderful ways to wear camel: camel on camel, bright on camel, black on camel.

How To Wear Camel

Spring is the ideal time to try new colours, and start wearing softer shades that fit with the change of season. Camel works beautifully for spring and summer, it is a much more vibrant neutral compared to wardrobe staples such as black, grey and navy tones. Camel works beautifully with warm and cool colour palettes as well as all skin tones and hair colours. 

It exudes an air of luxury, warmth and refinement. A classic coat in camel is much more sophisticated than the same cut of garment in navy, black or grey. Camel is wonderfully versatile and can be combined with all sorts of colours, meaning that you will certainly get your wear out of camel items. The muted tones of camel match perfectly with other neutrals, yet the softness of camel is also the ideal canvas to show off your brights. 

Here are three wonderful ways to wear camel: camel on camel, bright on camel, black on camel. 


Camel on Camel

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Cream to Caramel Cashmere and Silk Wrap

Cashmere & Modal Shawl

Tawny Brown Cashmere Slouch Beanie Hat

Cashmere Slouch Beanie


To embrace the soft warmth of camel tones, create an outfit that is exclusively camel. The lightness of this look is ideal for the spring and summer months. Cropped linen trousers, pumps and a light cashmere sweater will always exude an air of quiet sophistication, while being practical for the warmer months. Wear this outfit in camel tones and it is instantly transformed, becoming even more chic and desirable. 

Finish this look off with a light wool trench coat in camel (an incredibly versatile and timeless garment that will last for years) and add some carefully selected accessories. Our Tawny Brown Cashmere Slouch Beanie Hat  is perfect for this ensemble. The soft tones of the hat are perfectly echoed by the soft feel of this luxury Italian-made accessory. 

Add a little interest and stylistic flair with a light shawl or scarf. Our Sandy Beige Modal and Cashmere Shawl is the ideal choice. Fashioned in Italy from exquisite cashmere and fine modal, this shawl drapes beautifully and feels divine. The neutral tones mean that this scarf can be worn with every colour, making it a highly wearable and desirable accessory.

Bright on Camel

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Postbox Red Handwoven Cashmere Shawl

Red Cashmere Shawl


Camel works beautifully with any brights as the soft, muted neutrals of camel really make other colours pop. This look is the perfect way to add a sophisticated splash of colour to your wardrobe. 

Soft blue skinny jeans, bright suede pumps and a vivid sweater are ideal choices for your spring wardrobe. Throw a light wool trench coat over the top and you have the perfect outfit. Opting for a trench coat in a camel shade means that you can really play up the brights while tying the whole outfit together. 

The warm nutty camel tones make the perfect canvas for a beautiful bright scarf that will set off the bright tones of the rest of the outfit. Expressing the same vivid colour in your scarf, sweater and pumps is a wonderful way to pull your whole outfit together. 

Bright colours work so much better when they are embraced rather than dabbled in. For the ultimate splash of colour, our Postbox Red Handwoven Cashmere Shawl is a bold and beautiful choice. To really celebrate the red theme, add a slick of scarlet lip colour to complete the look. 


Black on Camel

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Ladies Black Fingerless Mittens

Cashmere Mittens

Classic Black Cashmere Shawl

Black Cashmere Shawl


Head to toe black has always been associated with timeless sophistication, however the dark tones can make certain pale skin tones appear a little washed out. If you adore the chic style of black but want to mix things up a little or lighten the depths of it, then camel is a wonderful choice. 

A camel trench coat will add a softness and femininity to a black ensemble. For this look we've chosen black skinny jeans, a black turtle neck and black leather ankle boots with fringe detail. This look alone would appear rather drab and unimaginative, but throw on a camel trench and a couple of carefully selected accessories and you have a beautifully put together outfit that will suit all ages and walks of life. 

We've selected some fingerless gloves for a dash of contemporary flair and a silky cashmere scarf for an additional dose of luxury. Our Ladies Black Fingerless Mittens  have been knitted in Scotland from 100% cashmere and are delightfully soft. These charming wrist warmers with additional thumbs are a great way to add some personality to an outfit while still keeping your colour palette stripped back. 

Our Classic Black Cashmere Shawl echoes the inky tones of the rest of the outfit but its sleek finish adds texture and grace to the whole ensemble. After years of monochrome being the hottest fashion trend, it makes sense to mix up your blacks with something other than white. Cashmere is a very elegant substitution.

You may already have a favourite accessory or item of clothing in camel that you incorporate into your look. You may never have even thought to try camel. Whatever your previous relationship with camel, now is the perfect time to embrace this delicate shade and use it in a wealth of ways to add charm and style to your spring and summer wardrobe. 


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