Collection Review | Men's Printed Italian Accessories
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Collection Review | Men's Printed Italian Accessories

New in this month is a collection of printed Italian accessories featuring silk ties, cotton pocket squares and tubular silk scarves,

Collection Review | Men's Printed Italian Accessories

New in this month is a collection of printed accessories for men made from lightweight Italian silk and cotton. The collection features prints in both small repeating patterns as well as large, decorative designs which can give an everyday outfit a more adventurous feel compared to accessories in spots, striped and plain colours.

Having the collection made in Italy was an obvious choice. Silk production has been in existence in Italy since the 1400s and by the nineteenth century, the scarf was the northern region of Lombary’s largest export. Today the small district of Como constitutes 70% off all the silk production in Europe. 

As well as the production pedigree, Italian manufacturers have great design skills and have the experience to know which colours and prints compliment each other and how prints should appear on the finished accessory.

Featured below are some of our favourite pieces from the collection which include silk ties, cotton and silk pocket squares, silk scarves in the classic tubular style and shortened cravat scarves.


Silk Ties 

Capriana - Paisley Silk Tie


Orange and Blue Paisley Silk Tie for Men to Buy Online


Wear with a grey suit, crisp white shirt and accessorise with a navy blue silk pocket square.This is a classic example of a paisley silk tie. The iconic paisley print in burnt orange, blue and claret lifts the dark background of the tie. 


Genola - Paisley Silk Tie


Men's Orange and Red Paisley Print Silk Tie to Buy Online


The large print on the Genola silk tie is definitely for the more daring dresser. Although the oversized pattern catches the eye, the muted colours of sienna and brown soften the effect. 

Wear with a grey textured wool suit and a white cotton twill shirt and accessorise with a gold and navy silk pocket square


Lagundo - Black & Gold Silk Tie


Men's Black Silk Tie with Gold and Yellow Patterns to Buy Online



For the more understated dresser, this tie is great way to add some vibrancy to a work suit without being garish. The contrast of black and gold work well with the small repeating circular and square patterns and when worn with a classic blue suit and light blue cotton shirt will look very elegant as shown in the look below.

Tie: Lagundo Silk Tie  Square: Oliveri Silk Pocket Square  Belt: Navy Leather Trim Belt

Pocket Squares 


Paliano - Navy & Red Paisley Silk Pocket Square


Navy and Red Paisley Silk Pocket Square to Buy Online



This is a personal favourite of mine as the two different patterns work well when styled correctly in the jacket pocket. The red and white paisley border contrasts flamboyantly with the classic and conservative repeating square pattern on the centre.

Wear as part of a smart casual look of a grey tweed jacket, blue shirt and jeans.


Barassa - Navy & Brown Paisley Cotton Square


Men's Blue and Brown Paisley Cotton Pocket Square to Buy Online


Made from lightweight cotton that feels as soft as cashmere, the Barassa features the classic combination of blue and brown with the timeless paisley design.

Although silk is the more commonly used fabric for pocket squares, there are a couple of benefits that cotton has over silk such a different texture and visual appearance. Also, the fabric holds better than silk and allows you to try more styles of folding the square such as the gravity defying 4-point fold.

Wear with a blue cashmere jacket and dark blue jeans.


Spirano - Brown and Taupe Silk Pocket Square


Brown and Taupe Paisley Silk Pocket Square to Buy Online


This hand rolled silk pocket square is the perfect accessory for the summer jacket. Featuring light tones of brown and taupe with an oversized swirl print, it will look great when worn in the puff fold style.

Get inspiration from the outfit below and wear with an off white linen jacket, a light blue cotton shirt and tailored blue trousers.


Square: Spirano Silk Pocket Square  Belt: Navy Leather Trim Belt


Men's Silk Scarves 


Trapani - Red and Navy Silk Scarf


Men's Red and Navy Printed Silk Scarf to Buy Online

The combination of red and navy is a menswear classic which makes this men’s silk scarf a wardrobe staple. The small red and navy blue repeat design is lifted by subtle flashes of ivory.

Wear with a light navy blue suit, a blue and white striped shirt and accessorise with our navy blue and red polka dot silk handkerchief.

Brianza - Blue and Orange Print Silk Scarf


Men's Blue & Orange Patterned Silk Scarf to Buy Online


This tubular silk twill scarf features a lozenge pattern in tones of navy, light blue and orange on one side as small repeat circle prints on navy and orange on the reverse.

For a summer look, wear with a linen jacket, blue chinos and accessorise with a navy blue silk pocket square with white dots.


Romana - Red and Navy Paisley Silk Scarf


Red and Blue Paisley Silk Scarf for Men to Buy Online


A contemporary take on a classic paisley silk scarf makes this scarf suitable for both work and causal outfits. Printed in tones of blue, grey and red with a navy modal backing it adds colour without being flashy.

Wear with a grey tweed suit and cashmere tie for a texture contrast.


Scarf: Romano Paisley Silk Scarf  Tie: Blue Cashmere Tie  Square: Navy & Red Spot Pocket Square



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