Collection Review: Women's AW17 Capes
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Collection Review: Women's AW17 Capes

Today’s interpretation of capes focuses on them being worn as outerwear or in the place of a chunky knit or sweater. Our new season collection of capes are oversized to reflect this trend.

Collection Review: Women's AW17 Capes

The Power of the Cape

The cape has magic powers, you only need to look through every story about Princes and Superheroes and see that they are all donning one. There is something about enveloping yourself in a cape that makes you feel indispensable and women throughout time have agreed. Let us bring you up to speed on the cape comeback that continues to happen season upon season.


Perpetually in Fashion

Whilst each generation claims that they own the cape, its origins can actually be traced back as far back as 1910. Tailor Paul Poiret is credited with crafting the first ever cape and one of his fabrics of choice was velvet. Since then, the cape has undergone various transitions in fabrics, length, and shape – whether it be long, cropped, with or without sleeves.  Whatever the fabric or shape, throughout it all, the cape has remained at the cutting edge of fashion.


The Cape Today

Today’s interpretation of capes focuses on them being worn as outerwear or in the place of a chunky knit or sweater. This means that the detail is on fabrics and structure with fashionistas coveting luxurious fabrics that are not only soft and tactile but also warm – think merino, cashmere and alpaca wool. The look is oversized, not serving to add structure but to seek to add layer. On top of this, the colour palettes focus on neutral – a backdrop that allows any wardrobe to pop as well as checks – a timeless statement that continues to evoke cosiness.


Black and Dove Grey Baby Alpaca Cape

Alpaca is rated one of the world’s most luxurious fabrics, which makes this cape something of a wonderful indulgence. Soft and subtle, it evokes all the feelings that a cape should – wonderfully comforting and cocooning. While the fabric is at the core of this cape’s offering, style and quality are also careful considerations. On top of this, this cape is carefully created by artisans in Peru – so the look is authentic Peruvian with a modern-day twist. A unique and individual piece, get it before your friends do.


Light Grey Alpaca Cape


Black and Grey Alpaca Cape

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 Dress Grey Stewart Tartan Pure Merino Wool Cape

 Is there anything chicer than a monochrome statement? Yes, a monochrome statement in check – on a cape!  First up, the merino wool fabric will give all the warmth but none of the itchiness while the two-tone colourway will be easy to combine with just about any outfit. This cape makes even the most understated outfit stand out, bringing your off-duty style to standout with ease.



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Midnight Navy Cashmere Sleeved Cape

 This one takes the cape as we know it to new levels, thanks to the addition of a long sleeve. Because of this sleeve, this can be worn standalone with the clever addition of a belt. Or, remain true to its original intent and layer it over tops and dresses as an easy way to transition your wardrobe into autumn. The navy colour makes it so easy to combine with anything your new seasonal wardrobe can throw at it.



Navy Blue Cashmere Cape

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There you go, everything you ever wanted to know about the cape and three capes your wardrobe needs today!


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